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“PRESIDIO REAL ESTATE is the largest privately owned brokerage in the state of Utah.”

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Founded in 2011, Presidio Luxury Real Estate is fortified on a foundation of the most highly educated real estate team in Utah. We have created a higher standard of real estate practices, and pride ourselves on the passion we have for providing the greatest experience for our family of home owners.

The Presidio Team is dedicated to protecting the integrity of their colleagues, their industry and the transactions of all home owners. With a focus on on creating a team of Educated, Passionate and Professional Agents, together they have created the largest privately and locally owned brokerage in the state of Utah.

“PRESIDIO: a fortified base established by Presidio agents in areas under their control or influence. The term is derived from the Latin word praesidium meaning protection or defense.”

Utah brokerage Presidio Luxury Real Estate


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