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Best Places to Buy a House in Utah | Presidio

As with any state, there are good and not so good places to invest in real estate. While Utah is generally a pretty safe place to live with many well-developed neighborhoods and amenity-rich areas, there are especially great communities to invest in. Here are the best places to buy a house in Utah. Best Places […]

Current Housing Trends in Utah

For the last five years or so, the Utah real estate market has seen positive economic growth as well as strong in-migration. People are moving steadily into the region, increasing the state’s population. In fact, Utah’s population grew by a whopping 9 percent, which was the highest rate throughout the country. This growth is putting […]

Is Investing in Utah Real Estate Still a Good Idea?

For the last five years, the real estate market in Utah has shown strong economic growth with people moving into the state. In Utah, the population increased by 9 percent, which was the highest in the country. During the last three years, home prices in the state increased by 25 percent. These recent statistics indicate […]

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