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How to Sell Your House Fast This Spring | Presidio

Spring is the best time to sell a home. Each year, the spring season sees an inventory rise because most people prefer to move during this time of the year. It might have something to do with feeling a bit antsy after a long winter. But, the main reason that people like to move in the spring is because of the weather. While the season is on your side, there’s a few things that you can do to speed up the process. Here’s how to sell your house fast this spring.

How to Sell Your House Fast This Spring | Presidio

Tidy Up

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your home in the spring, hurry the selling process along by tidying up. Wash your home’s windows inside and out. Also, be sure to Windex all of your mirrors. Shine is free, and it will help you sell your home fast. A buyer may not be able to put his or her finger on why your home is so appealing, but if everything is spotless, then buyers will be more interested in it.

Do the same with the outside. Trim your home’s bushes and rake your yard. Make sure that debris like dead leaves and seed pods are eliminated from the exterior. It’s also a good idea to cut down any overgrown vegetation that’s blocking the natural light from entering your home.

Add a Welcoming Touch to the Interior

Before showing your home, refinish your hardwood floors. Also, make ceramic tile floors gleam. If you have grout, bleach it, and clean your home’s area rugs. Consider investing in pastel-colored towels, throws and bed linens. When you go with a soft, spring color, you’ll brighten your home. Layer complementary shades on your bathroom towel racks and set rolled washcloths on the bathroom counters in a pyramid shape.

Bring in Accessories

Sell your home fast this spring by providing an outside mat where people can clean off the bottom of their shoes or a shoe shelf if you’d prefer that they take them off while touring your home. Consider placing an umbrella stand near the entryway. This will give potential buyers somewhere to place their jackets and umbrellas when the weather is rainy.

Focus on Marketing

For any open house, use helium balloons to capture the attention of buyers. Also, offer colored flyers and information about financing. Marketing is not the place to skimp. Spend money to advertise. It will help you get noticed. When it comes to advertising, use a color photo, and mail postcards coated with UV to give them a more sophisticated look.

How to Sell Your Home Fast This Spring

How to sell your home fast this spring? Take some time to clean it thoroughly, add pastel colored items to the interior and trim up your home’s exterior landscaping. By focusing on the details, you’ll have a buyer for your house and on your way to your new home in no time. At Presidio, we can help. Schedule an appointment today.

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