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At Presidio Real Estate, a top-rated Utah brokerage, we recognize our commitment to a philosophy of professionalism toward our clients, fellow members and the public in general.

We do not just sell homes, but provide a platform that pledges to be a good citizen, fulfilling responsibilities to the communities in which we serve and to communicate and cooperate effectively in order to maintain high standards of service.


We respect our clients as equal partners who deserve our complete attention and support through every step. Our Utah brokerage and top-rated real estate agency reputation is based on earning and maintaining the confidence of our clients by continually striving to understand their needs completely and using all resources at our disposal to meet or exceed those needs.


At Presidio Luxury Real Estate, our agency's business decisions, company policies, communication practices and employee actions are based on sound ethical principles. We believe in fair dealings and honest and complete communication with our clients and aspire toward the continuous improvement of our organization through education and seamless broker support.


Our real estate organization is comprised of individuals who work together towards a common goal of exceptional service to each and everyone of our clients. We extend this spirit of teamwork and common purpose to all our partners, and also to our competitors. We value opportunities to learn from one another in order to improve what we do everyday.



Current Housing Trends in Utah

For the last five years or so, the Utah real estate market has seen positive economic growth as well as strong in-migration. People are moving steadily into the region, increasing the state’s population. In fact, Utah’s population grew by a whopping 9 percent, which was the highest rate throughout the country. This growth is putting […]

Is Investing in Utah Real Estate Still a Good Idea?

For the last five years, the real estate market in Utah has shown strong economic growth with people moving into the state. In Utah, the population increased by 9 percent, which was the highest in the country. During the last three years, home prices in the state increased by 25 percent. These recent statistics indicate […]

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Presidio Luxury Real Estate is a Utah brokerage that is "Raising the Bar" for Realtors through professionalism, experience, ongoing training, and exemplary customer service. We provide the tools our agents need to succeed and every agent on our team provides the most exceptional client experience in the state. Hands down.


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