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Tips for New Realtors | Social Media

People do things differently today thanks to the internet including how they shop for new homes. What was once an industry that relied on traditional marketing techniques and cold calling is now one that relies on social media for advertising. To be successful, let Presidio Real Estate share tips for new realtors on how to use social media effectively and efficiently.

Tips for New Realtors | Social Media

Take Advantage of the Best Social Media Tools

Set up social media pages through popular sites like Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. Don’t use your personal accounts for your real estate company. Instead, set up pages dedicated to your business. Dedicated pages are professional, and they also let you use essential business features. For instance, you can run contests and use Facebook Insights to see how many people are interacting with your page. Snapchat can be used for live events and promotions while Twitter is best for increasing the number of followers that you have.

Tips for New Realtors/Social Media such as utilizing popular social media sites

Post Your Listings

Post your listings on your social media business pages to market to those who may be searching for a home. This lets you share your knowledge of your city’s neighborhoods since you can let people know about up and coming areas in addition to amenities that may soon be available such as a new community center or shopping district.

Tips for New Realtors/Social Media includes posting your listing

Go Live

Go live at one of your properties. Give your followers an up close and personal look at one of your houses. Show them the important parts including the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms as well as the yard. Consider sharing it before the listing goes up. That way, you’ll give your audience the feeling of exclusivity. Going live engages your followers and these videos are often highly ranked on social media sites.

Tips for New Realtors/Social Media such as going live to show the kitche, family room and bedrooms

Give Your Blog Some Love

One of the best tips for new real estate agents is to give their blog some love. Keep it updated and relevant. Doing so will attract new prospects. It could also capture the attention of social media channels. Coming up with blog ideas can be a challenge, but you can always offer buying advice, recommendations for getting loans and overviews about the current state of interest rates. With blogs, it’s important to provide value. Presidio Real Estate uses their blog to educate their readers and agents about trending practices such as using your business social media pages, increasing your visibility on popular search engines.

Tips for New Realtors/Social Media including updating your blog with relevant content

Time Equals Profits for Real Estate Agents

Social media can help you grow your real estate business as long as you use it wisely. Time is a precious commodity to those in the real estate industry, so be sure to spend yours managing your social media accounts efficiently – exposure will help close those deals!

Tips for New Realtors/Social Media including maximizing your time to maximize your profits

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